DCUO SourceCast Episode 182: The Calm Before the Storm

24 Jan 2016

In this episode, Mepps lays down the schedule for the week of January 25th in preparation of Crossplay including Game Update 56 and the first wave of PVP Changes. We also take a look at the new Dup coming in Ep21, the First Piece. WARNING, wipes happened and the shuns from Britteny...she was not impressed.


DCUO SourceCast Episode 179: Its a Winter Wonder Lair

22 Dec 2015

In this episode, more changes to PVP on the Test Server, the 7 Day Winter Sale, Christmas themed Lairs and a discussion on how to be a better part of the Community. We also went on a Star Wars rant...we're not apologizing. (We didnt say spoilery stuff)