NotA Episode 25: The Winter Shuffle

Joined by Stevie B, Preach, Showtime and Trex, they give you some news about a possible Goonies sequel, Voice Casting for the TMNT movie, Star Wars update from Stevie B and Showtime's Gaming Corner.


NotA Episode 24: Viva La Nerd

Joined by Stevie B, Preach, Showtime and Trex, they give you some news about Assassin Creed: Unity, Fantastic Four sequel and much more.


NotA Episode 23: Yawn of the Geek

Joined by Stevie B and Preach, they give you some news about Batman Arkham Knight and much more wile fighting the urge to yawn. Who would win, them? Or the Yawn? You decide!


NotA Episode 22: Star Wars: The Scooby Doo Caper

Joined by Stevie B, Showtime, Preach and Trex bringing you News and topics and the randomness that brings 4 guys together to talk geeky.


Format for this episode is below:

TMNT movie 

Xmen DoFP character 

Batman/Superman casting - Jessie Eisenberg (Lex) and Jeremy Irons (Alfred)  

Transformers 4 Super Bowl Trailer  

Star Wars Rebels - also including NEW Female badass character  

CW's The Flash TV will have the original Actor fro mthe 90s TV show Flash 

Final Season of the Clone Wars on Netflix 

NIKE to release the Back to the Future Shoes in 2015 

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark video game is sequel to War/Fall of Cybertron AND  tie in with the movie 

Fantastic Four Casting News! 

Guardians of the Galaxy Official Trailer

 New Godzilla poster 

Spiderman 2 Green Goblin look 

Doctor Strange Movie looking for director 

Heroes Reborn coming to NBC

NotA Episode 21: The High Five Show

We talk about DC pushing back Batman VS Superman, Michael Bay making turtles too real and there was a bunch of high fives. Why? Stop asking why, high fives are cool!