NotA Episode 73: Breath of the Nerd

The Nerds sit down and discuss how a power outage ruined Stevie B's weekend, thoughts on Trex and Beth's new podcast, first impressions of Breath of the Wild, and we get a bit serious with a podcast that Beth introduced the group too. Just like Degrassi, Nerds of the Apocalypse goes there. 


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NotA Episode 72: The Wing-It Cast

The Nerds sit down together for the first time in 2017 and discuss everything from their current favorite T.V. shows to Beth and Trex's new podcast that Stevie B knew nothing about. (Yes that goes exactly like you'd think). Please join us as we pretty much wing it.


NotA Episode 70: Christmas Cast 2016

Nerds Stevie B, Trex, Showtime, Beth, and Pat Bennett Tarr do a gift exchange, Stevie B recites a poem he wrote for the Nerds, and they discuss their favorite moments of 2016 with the podcast.
Merry Christmas (or a Happy whatever you celebrate) and a Happy New Year to all. We love you Nerds and we'll see you next year!