NotA Podcast 76: Wonder Woman Discussion

Nerds Stevie B, Showtime, Beth, and Heather sit down and catch us up on their Geek activities since the last recording and then discuss the Wonder Woman movie! Enjoy!


NotA Podcast 75; Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Discussion

Nerds Stevie B, Trex, and Showtime sit down and discuss where we've been, Stevie B's birthday, mean YouTube comments, Our first experiences with Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, Injustice 2, and we talk Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and whether or not Ego has an ***hole. 

NotA Episode 73: Breath of the Nerd

The Nerds sit down and discuss how a power outage ruined Stevie B's weekend, thoughts on Trex and Beth's new podcast, first impressions of Breath of the Wild, and we get a bit serious with a podcast that Beth introduced the group too. Just like Degrassi, Nerds of the Apocalypse goes there. 


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NotA Episode 72: The Wing-It Cast

The Nerds sit down together for the first time in 2017 and discuss everything from their current favorite T.V. shows to Beth and Trex's new podcast that Stevie B knew nothing about. (Yes that goes exactly like you'd think). Please join us as we pretty much wing it.