NotA Episode 79: The Basic Jedi

Nerds Stevie B, Showtime, Beth, and New Nerds Donta and Denny sit down and talk about Beth's internet troubles, Showtime joining the Police Academy, Stevie B secretly loving Outlander and his battle with the Comic Book Resources Facebook Page, Showtime and Stevie B's excitement for The Fractured but Whole, Stevie B and Donta's experience at a local X-Wing Miniatures tournament, and the Nerds discus Last Jedi Trailer (Spoilers. Beth thought it was basic AF). 


NotA Episode 78: Soda City Comic Con 2017 Review

Nerds Stevie B, Trex, Showtime, and our guest Jason for Live PD sit down and discuss their weeks in Geek and their experiences at Soda City Comic Con 2017! 


NotA Podcast Ep77: The Arylias Nova Interview

Nerds Stevie B, Trex, Showtime, and Beth sit down with friend of the show Arylias Nova. We discuss her short story Anniversary that's being turned into a short film, our involvement with it, Other things she's written, and what Cons you can visit her at in the next few months. Most importantly though, this is the first podcast Showtime has ever prepared for. We are just as shocked as you.

You can find Arylias at
and her other books at


NotA Podcast 76: Wonder Woman Discussion

Nerds Stevie B, Showtime, Beth, and Heather sit down and catch us up on their Geek activities since the last recording and then discuss the Wonder Woman movie! Enjoy!


NotA Podcast 75; Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Discussion

Nerds Stevie B, Trex, and Showtime sit down and discuss where we've been, Stevie B's birthday, mean YouTube comments, Our first experiences with Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, Injustice 2, and we talk Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and whether or not Ego has an ***hole.