DCUO SourceCast Episode 156: Whats Fire Cooking Up?

08 Jun 2015

In this episode, we take a look at the patch notes for Game Update 49 currently on Test Server and as a special treat, a PVP rant from Superpatriot. Bring the popcorn and furious fingers to the comment section of the video.



DCUO SourceCast Episode 155: Halls of Pink

01 Jun 2015

In this episode, its a special episode hosted by the People of Pink, Pixie, Britteny and Tikkun. We talk about Game Update 48, the Summer Event on Test Server and their point of view about the game so far.


DCUO SourceCast Episode 154: Summer is Coming

24 May 2015

In this episode, we discuss hotfixes, the new Mark Relevancy for Episode 13 and the new Summer Event coming to PC Test...eventually. Seriously though, we want that new Aura! Find out what the new aura is by listening to the show!


DCUO SourceCast Episode 153: HoP2 is Sooo Gooood

18 May 2015

In this episode, we (as in Trex) sing Happy Birthday to a friend, discuss our likes and dislikes of Halls of Power Part 2, issues the forums have and look at the features coming in Game Update 48 currently on the PC Test Server. Oh and you know, lots of laughter.


DCUO SourceCast Episode 152: GU47 Q&A with Mepps

11 May 2015

In this episode, we are joined by DCUO Community Manager Mepps, to answer some questions about Game Update 47, Halls of Power Part 2, to talk about the Issue Tracker and to have a good time...or at least try.