DCUO SourceCast Episode 160: Immune to PVP

06 Jul 2015

In this episode, Superpatriot and Vagrant give their take on Counter Immunity being removed from PVP. Trex sits in the corner trying to remember what PVP means.



DCUO SourceCast Episode 159: It's GU50, Not 40 Trex!

30 Jun 2015

In this episode, Trex gives a rant, Game Update 50 hits the Test Server and we talk about it, and then Vagrant carries Trex through the new T4 Duos. All in all, a normal show. SPOILER ALERT! If you didnt finish Batman Arkham Knight yet, stay away from the ending.


DCUO SourceCast Episode 157: We AM Update

16 Jun 2015

In this episode, we take a further look at the updates to the Advanced Mechanics for Fire, Ice and Gadgets. Britteny talks about Survival Mode in its first week on Test. Is there a Fire Rant? Listen/Watch to find out!