DCUO Source Podcast Episode 81: Designer Beware!

22 Sep 2013

In this episode, we discuss a few Forum topics including a recap of the player created content from the Design with the Devs Panel from SOE Live 2013 and recap Friday Nights Legends.


DCUO Source Podcast Episode 79: Rise of SuperPony

08 Sep 2013

In this episode, Superpatriot is out this week and i am joined by our good friend from the USPS3, Britteny! We sit down to discuss everything DLC8 brought to the game as well as our support for the Unicorn Trinket/Statue/anything else as long as its Unicorns!

DCUO Source Podcast Episode 78: Watch It BURN!

08 Sep 2013

In this episode, we are joined by Special Guest Kristanya to talk about all things Fire, at least from a Tanking perspective so not really "all things". We also discuss the SOE layoffs, Purchasing DLC changes and much more.

DCUO Source Podcast Episode 77: It's Magic Time

24 Aug 2013

In this episode, we are joined by our Special Guest, Tharkis to discuss Sorcerey Changes and give out some advice to those wondering about the Power. Also, Ben Affleck is Batman.