DCUO SourceCast Episode 203: Naturally Speaking

15 Aug 2016

This week Superpatriot and Crappy talk about the Double Rewards weekend for PvP and the new PvP map and gear along with the new Aura Pack 1 and current changes coming currently on the Test Server!  Crappy tells us what he'd like to see from the balancing to make Electric and Nature DPS great again.


DCUO SourceCast Episode 202: Things Just Got a Little Crappy

11 Aug 2016

This week, we recap the failed episode 202 podcast with a new one where we briefly talk about Episode 26! Also this week, we welcome our new co-host Crappyheals as we discuss new changes coming to the Test Server as well as the new Bombshell Harley outfit available on the Marketplace!

DCUO SourceCast Episode 200: The Last Crash Goodbye

12 Jul 2016

In this episode, we are joined by DCUO Senior Community Manager Ted "Mepps" Stone to discuss and answer questions about the Mid Year Update announcement. We also give a nice farewell to Trex as this is his last show and leaves us with giving advice for future and current Youtubers.