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28 Jul 2015

UPDATE! 7/28/15 7:39pm EST - Added PC Test Server Hotfix

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Loche responds in the Test Discussion  New Rewards Outside of Mark Relevancy Thread

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Mepps answers a question about Titles coming with Survival Modes


Hey everyone! So yesterday I left out a few posts from the Green Tracker. At the time, I felt it really wasn't something "helpful" for the Community. After thinking about it more, I am at least going to mention one post from a thread. Spytle (Jens Anderson, Creative Director for DCUO), came in and responded to it. His initial response was very well said. Everything afterwards was basically an attack from the poster(s). Below you'll see the Original Post and then Spytle's response. The Thread is locked as of now.


Original Post:



Spytle's Post:



Now I'm sure (optimism talking) that the OP meant well in his post. Wanting to see Devs play their game is a fun and neat thing. They can even discuss the making of that content and give some insight on the fights. But as Spytle pointed out and also the other posters, some just want a reason to see the Devs play and possibly fail and then demand Nerfs and such. Some folks just want to see the world burn or in this case, they want the Devs to fail at their own game. Them failing at an instance wouldn't be looked at as an "oops, didnt block at the right time" but instead a way to abuse the Devs more and using it as an example. Humans are fallible, just because a Dev made a game doesnt mean they cant make mistakes in the game play. Sometimes you just hit the wrong button.


Loche responded to the Test Discussion  New Rewards Outside of Mark Relevancy


and he even responded to himself:



Mepps responds to posts about Coming Soon: New Rewards Outside of Mark Relevancy










Mepps responded to a thread regarding Compound Omega Issues


Mepps responds to a question about Episode Costs and Gear


Loche gives an update on the Compound Omega tooltip



7/27 Green Tracker, New Rewards Outside of Mark Relevancy, PC Test Server Update

28 Jul 2015

Hey guys, something new I'm bringing to the site is a Green Tracker. Nothing fancy BUT I'll be posting the previous day Green Posts so its in a nice place to read everything of what was said. I'll also be bringing Updates and Announcements that are posted. Whelp, lets get it going!


Coming Soon: New Rewards Outside of Mark Relevancy - Mepps

 Test Discussion New Rewards Outside of Mark Relevancy Thread - Mepps


Mepps answering a couple of questions:




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Livestream: Let's Play Episode 15! - Mepps


Loche and Carp came to the Test Server Feedback section to give an update on the GU51: Titles.

Loche's Post:

Carp's Post:


Community Member Sore brought out some interesting using Tunso's Testing Method for Powers in this post.

There's A LOT MORE posts and information from Sore so definitely go read the thread.


Server Hotfix - July 28, 2015


PC Test Server Hotfix - July 27, 2015