8/10 Green Tracker, Server Hotfix, PC Test Server Hotfix, Daybreak Maintenance 8/11

11 Aug 2015

Daybreak General Maintenance: Tuesday, August 11 @ 7AM PDT(Official Post)

Attention players: we will perform a general maintenance beginning at 7:00AM PDT* on Tuesday, August 11. The current estimated downtime for this maintenance is two to four hours, depending on the service.

This maintenance may impact the following Daybreak services across all games:

  • Game logins for all Daybreak games
  • Forum & Web logins for all Daybreak games
  • Commerce and account management for all Daybreak games

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a game-specific maintenance. There will be no update or patch notes.

Thank you for your patience as we complete this maintenance.

~The Team at Daybreak

*PDT is Pacific Daylight TimeConvert to local time

Server Hotfix - August 11, 2015(Official Post)

Episode 15

• Updated Feat Category name from "Episode 15" to "Bombshell Paradox & Corrupted Zamaron".


PC Test Server Hotfix - August 11, 2015(Official Post)

The Bombshell Paradox
• Brightened many of the effects for "the Lady al Ghul" in the final fight, especially for the Tenebrae Corruption.

• PC Test Only: Increased the damage of Fury's Arcane Barrage and Transmutation abilities.
• PC Test Only: Soul Well - The damage portion of Soul Well now hits up to eight targets and begins splitting after two.

• PC Test Only: Summon Crystal Golem - Increased the damage of Crystal's Epicenter and Striking Stones ability.

• PC Test Only: Tuned the damage for the following weapon attacks increasing their damage slightly: Full Auto, Scissor Kick, Mortar, Two Footed Slam and Shield Uppercut.


Green Posts

It's very likely that the game is sending out 5.1 surround sound, but you are only listening through a stereo system.

In 5.1 briefs, investigations, and comms come through the center channel; in stereo they'll come through the left/right speakers. (Official Post by DC-9xlives)

Drop Rates
I will be clear and succinct. I am a legendary member who has run the new BP Raid 15-20 times and not received one loot drop that is 120. How is this possible? I really need a dev to answer how the loot table is "working as intended" when I don't get one 120 item in 15-20 full raid completions. I love the game and don't mind shelling out some cash for replays but there has got to be a better ROI than 0%. Yes I understand that the entertainment of playing is part of the value and that there are choices unrelated to the 120 gear....but let's get serious, we all run it in hopes of getting top gear drops at least once in a while. The people I started running with have all 4 pieces and we have run the same amount of times. IMO this is not fair or balanced and at this point does not seem like this game is really giving back as much as it takes.
Please devs. Explain how this is working as intended...this is ridiculous.
What is your in-game characters name? I can take a look at the logs. That seems excessively high. (Official Post by Loche)

Supremist Akuranz and thank you Loche...I ran once last night and did get a 120 back but that is the first drop I have received.
Okay, according to the server logs you finished the entire raid 3 times in the time between launch and the time of your original post. That said, there was a bug with the rare item counter not getting incremented on a sub-boss. So I think this was a combination of that bug, and only finishing the raid 3 times. (Official Post by Loche)

Not sure Loche that doesn't make any sense? I know I ran it o6-7 times in a row in that time...I know because we had really good times and a good group making 20 something times to finish. The rest maybe I didn't finish the raid because of last boss but that is still 2 bosses with no drops.
Ya you ran it a lot of times, but only beat the last boss 3 times. I do see you beating sub-bosses. With that bug on the sub-bosses, you were subject to having really bad rolls regardless of the times you didn't get the rare loot. The rare loot counter was added to help people who have really bad rolls. (Official Post by Loche)

Legends PVE
Because the event was not available right away on Saturday, we have extended Smallville's limited run through Tuesday at 10AM PT. Enjoy! (Official Post by Mepps)

Gear Stats
This is a note from PCTest. I don't see it in the Live patch notes, but it is live now. (Official Post by Loche)

What the plan is for gear going forwArd? I get the 4 pieces at a time part. Is the next raid gear going to be 120 or higher. Is 112 gonna remain or will next episode have 113 for trash drops to fill out tree remaining pieces? What will drop in alert and elite alert?
The common drops CR won't change, but the rare drops will. Each Episode will have four new pieces of gear dropping at a higher CR. (Official Post by Mepps)

8/8-8/9 Green Tracker, RTX DUCO Voice Actor Panel

10 Aug 2015

Green Posts

Legends PVE
LPVE: Smallville

We will get smallville back on asap. (Official Post by Mepps)

Drop Rates
For clarity, rare drops in the duo do not reset the bad luck limiter, but getting rare drops in other raids will. (Official Post by Mepps)

Corrupted Zamaron Duo
I saw this mentioned once before but we have yet to reproduce this internally. Is there a particular section this is occurring in? or is it random? (Official Post by Millbarge)


DCUO at RTX2015: Voice Actor's Panel

DCUO was at RTX 2015 and had a Voice Actor's Panel with some of the actors from the game. Panel starts at 6:44:00 in case the video doesnt start there.

Great voice actors who did Trigon, Granny Goodness, Hal Jordan, Lashina and more. Learn more about voice acting by watching the Panel Video.

8/6 Green Tracker, LPVE Weekend, PC Test Server Hotfix

07 Aug 2015

Winners of the Be a DC Bombshell Facebook Giveaway! Check out their Facebook Album for a selection of entries!


Known Issues: Episode 15 - Update 8/6

Below is a list of known issues and their status for Episode 15: (Official Post by Mepps)
Vendor gear cash cost is incorrect (fixed internally)
Some Bombshell poster base items consume incorrectly and cannot be placed (fixed internally)
Exobit cluster is sometimes in the loot picker in 15 (fixed internally)
Sometimes, the bombshell paradox bosses do not reset correctly after a wipe (fixed internally)
• Some adds are above the world boundary in the bombshell paradox (identified, fix pending)
Knocks feat sometimes not completing correctly (fixed internally)
• Black Energy Tendril base item difficult to move (investigating)


PC Test Server Hotfix - August 6th, 2015 (Official Post)

• PCTEST ONLY: PvP: Reduced the Advanced Mechanic PvP damage caused by Eviscerating Chain, Outrage, Dreadful Blast and Frenzy. 


Legends PvE Weekend! Plus, Final Weekend For Ace Chemicals! (Official Post)

Legends PvE Weekend! Smallville Is Back!

Legends PvE: Smallville returns for the weekend. Visit Superman's home town and save it from almost certain doom as the DC Universe's most iconic heroes and villains. Log in this Friday through Sunday and queue up for those feats and Marks of Legend you're missing!

The event will return at 4:00PM PT (4PM CET EU) on August 7, 2015, and end with early morning server restarts on August 10, 2015.

Final Weekend For Legends: Ace Chemicals!

This weekend is also the final weekend of the current Legends PvE event, Ace Chemicals! Look for both under Events in your On Duty menu! 


Green Posts

I really enjoy making my own toon For the bombshell making The Style Based of The Episode 15 Getting poster's as Prizes is awesome i see over 200 people doing it i like it. i Was wondering could we do Contest like these for each episode Styles base of What episode it will be But Different Prizes Each Time?
I can't promise every time, but more contests are in our plans. (Official Post by Mepps)

In regards to the Style Feats for Monthly Content
The style feat will come when the full set is in the game (with Episode 17). (Official Post by Mepps)

I did not come here and state increase the drop rate of the 120 gear. That is asking for a hand out. The difference here is that 112 as Mepps stated is normal gear or junk gear. If that is the case, why are they putting junk gear in the raid or why is it the only gear I saw on 3 of my 4 toons?
It seems like we'll go round and round on this for eternity, and it's been well explained. Rare drops exist for a reason. When you don't get a rare drop there are a few ways we could go (and a few ways we have gone):
1. You get nothing
2. You get gear off-role gear you can't use
3. You get something else that's not gear at all
4. You get a common, lower item level drop that is marginally useful
With the loot picker, we're able to do 3 and 4, and let you decide which you prefer on a case by case basis. Plus, you get two rolls on the gear table and you can pick and choose which piece of gear feels best for you. (Official Post by Mepps)


8/7 Green Tracker, Server Hotfix, Dev Discussions

08 Aug 2015

Server Hotfix - August 7th, 2015 (Original Post)

Episode 15

• Poster Child for Victory: Bombshell Harley Quinn Hammer Poster will now count towards this feat.
• School of Hard Knocks: Both members of the duo have a chance to get the feat, rather than only the first player in the instance.
• Hide and Seek feat: An unreachable group of Tenebrae Assassins has reluctantly agreed to hide in a different location so that Players can find and fight them.

• Items purchased from the Episode 15 Vendor can no longer be salvaged.


Server Hotfix - August 8th, 2015 (Original Post)

Episode 15

8 Player Operation
The Bombshell Paradox
• During the Lady al Ghul boss fight, Tenebrae Corruption should be cleansed quicker and consistently by a Tenebrae Vortex. And the Vortex should be closed almost immediately.

Corrupted Zamaron
• Indigo-1 should teleport to players in more situations, so she doesn't get stuck while pathing.
• Hawkgirl should no longer be affected by the damaging Corrupted Crystals; those should only damage Indigo-1 or players that get in the path of the beam.
• If players wipe while fighting Hawkgirl, all of the Corrupted Crystals should re-fire after reset.

• “Pinned Up” feat will now give credit correctly for Bombshell Catwoman and Bombshell Harley Quinn.

Amazon Fury Part II

• Fixed issue causing Patrol Catastrophe and Halls of Hades to stop granting Marks of Victory at CR 131.


Green Posts

Base Items
Black Tendrils Base Item

This will be improved in GU51. (Official Post by Mepps)

CR Relevancy Window
Okay, so... If you are lucky, you can get to 131 from running yesterday and today. No joke, leaguemate did it in 3 runs total. (Replayed once.) At 127, LOLS and RTTN drop off. Which it should be, but at 131, you also lose Patrol Catastrophe and HoH. So you end up with 10 pieces, not 12. The way the drop off was working, it's +1 from the highest you can achieve within the relevant content. I think there was a SNAFU on the CR calculations. Devs, please look into it! I'm currently 130 cr on my own main, and I only replayed the duo once yesterday.
Yep, simple math error. Happens when you are changing a lot of things at once. I just submitted a fix to make it stay relevant through 131. At 132 you will start getting the other stuff. Thanks for catching this. (Original Post by Loche)

Drop Rates for New Gear
We have confirmed that drop rates and the bad-luck-limiter are working correctly as of this morning's hotfix. There's a possibility one thing was off prior to today, but we're still investigating. (Official Post by Mepps)

Gear Vendor
I have no problem with however you want to distribute the gear and new styles with this new episode release format, but the one thing you could improve on is the way in which you add new vendors. You've get a great storyline with this new Bombshell theme, and you've not only hidden the new vendors, but you're using the same old robots for them? Why not have them be actual Bombshell characters and feature them in more prominent spots around the Watchtower and Hall, nearer other iconic characters. Just a thought.
Not a bad idea, but the problem is they exist in an alternate universe you are visiting (in this content). Also, I personally do not like my Iconics peddling me stuff. I know we do it other places, that is just my personal opinion. (Original Post by Loche)

School of Hard Knocks: Corrupted Zamaron
I've run this with a leaguemate the past two days, neither of us hitting the sc or any consumable/trinkets (though I had already gotten the feat, so I'm pretty sure I could have used mine).He did not get the feat either day, and we communicated the entire way through. I didn't see him use a single consumable. Only thing I will say: both times we had just gotten out of raids where omega compounds were dropped. Could this consumable and its 30 minute, death-defying buff be screwing with the feat? Just a possibility.
I did test consuming Compound Omega before entering the duo, and it should not affect getting this feat. If it's consumed while in the duo, it'd fail the feat. Also, heal barrels shouldn't affect this feat. (Original Post by JackFrost)

This feat should have popped for me twice now, both times my duo partner got it but I did not. I removed all consumables and supers before starting.
Sorry about that. The fix I submitted should hopefully be out to the Live server soon. (Original Post by JackFrost)

We are looking into the reports of hands not dropping. (Original Post by Loche

Looks like they drop correctly in the duo and the raid.(Original Post by Loche)


Dev Discussion Episode 15: "Corrupted Zamaron" Duo feedback thread (Official Thread)

Last boss seemed easier than the others. Of course, entry CR is 113. I could see two CR 113 players finishing it with effort. That's not happening in the raid, though it's also CR 113 entry
Thanks for the report (as well as others who have corroborated it). I found a couple problems that were affecting the difficulty of the Corrupted Hawkgirl fight, and we'll be patching out a fix for those issues soon (not sure if today or not yet though). (Original Post by JackFrost)

Something weird happened today, while trying the school of hardknocks feat, my team mate got it, but I didn't while neither my team mate or me used any consumable or supercharge durning the whole instance.The fix for this issue will be patched out with a hotfix soon. Thanks for reporting it! (Original Post by JackFrost)

Also, a bug. I ran it today and I came across Indigo-1 just staring at a crystal. We had to rerun the duo. My partner got deserter. I thought that they removed them off duos?
I've got a change going in that will hopefully address this type of issue. Since it's hard for me to reproduce the bug, it's also hard to test my fix though. Both players should move forward in the duo (and 12+ meters away from her) as best they can, and she should teleport to players in this kind of case. That fix will also be in the forthcoming hotfix. Thanks for the heads up! (Original Post by JackFrost)

I still got the bug that was also on test server where she didn't open the second boss fight door, twice today. It happened on my nature toons. I dps in dog form on them, I don't know if that has anything to do with it.
Sorry I wasn't aware of this issue until now. So, you removed the corruption off of all of the crystals after the 1st subboss (so you should be seeing no more white dots on your minimap at that time), and Indigo-1 is doing what at this point? Will she follow you to the door and not open it? Or is she stuck somewhere on the map? Any additional info or video would be helpful. Thanks! (Original Post by JackFrost)

8/5 Green Tracker, Episode 15 Now Available for Members

06 Aug 2015

Be A Bombshell in DCUO Facebook Giveaway - Ends August 6th, 2015


Originally Posted by Mepps (Official Forums)

Members, Play Episode 15 Now!

Members' early access to Episode 15 has begun! Travel to an alternate, World War II-inspired universe in "The Bombshell Paradox," where the DC Bombshells await with a timeline threatened by infinite war. Or, take the fight back to Zamaron where the Black Lanterns have appeared, corrupting everything in their path.

Episode 15 will launch in the Marketplace on August 12, 2015.

New 8 Player Operation - The Bombshell Paradox! (Official Feedback Thread)

To play this 8-player Operation, your character must be level 30 and have a minimum Combat Rating of 113. Travel through a rift in time and space to the DC Bombshells universe in the Bombshell Paradox. The “Lady al Ghul” has created a tear in reality in attempt to change the outcome of World War II! Players must stop her and set the Bombshells universe back on its correct path. Gain access to new feats, collections and gear! Free to access for Members!

Open your On Duty Menu and look for the new Operation under Tier 7 of the 8 Player Tab.

     Minimum CR: 113
     Suggested CR: 129

New Duo – Corrupted Zamaron! (Official Feedback Thread)

To play this 2-Player Duo, your character must be level 30 and have a minimum Combat Rating of 113. "The Black" has re-emerged in the universe! Help Carol Ferris defend Zamaron from the Black Lanterns and purge the Black Lanterns’ Corruption, in this 2-player duo. Gain access to new feats, collections and gear! Free to access for Members!

Open your On Duty Menu and look for the new Duo under Tier 7 of the 2 Player Tab.

     Minimum CR: 113
     Suggested CR: 129


Known Issues: Episode 15

Below is a list of known issues and their status for Episode 15: (Official Post by Mepps)

  • Vendor gear cash cost is incorrect (fixed internally)
  • Some Bombshell poster base items consume incorrectly and cannot be placed (fixed internally)
  • Exobit cluster is sometimes in the loot picker in 15 (fixed internally)
  • Sometimes, the bombshell paradox bosses do not reset correctly after a wipe (fixed internally)
  • Some adds are above the world boundary in the bombshell paradox (identified, fix pending)
  • Hard Knocks feat sometimes not completing correctly (fixed internally)
  • Black Energy Tendril base item difficult to move (investigating)


Green Posts

The 113 is no different than how we have been doing DLCs since 11 and 12 dropped. We were letting people skip at least DLC.

The way it worked was that as long as you had one DLC from the first half of the tier, you could jump directly into the 2nd half of the tier.
So you could gear up in 10, and skip to 12 or 13.
The same thing is happening here.
If you buy 13 you have access to 14 and 15-17 (this is because 15-17 would have been just 15 under the old style of DLC drops).
This is nothing new. Most of the time this means you have access, but I wouldn't recommend you going in at min CR.

This was done specifically because of the large outcry on the forums from players. We are accused, very often, of being greedy devs. If that were true, we would never have allowed you to skip, that makes no sense. Instead we relented to the player feedback to not having to purchase DLCs they were not "interested in" for various reasons. (Official Post from Loche)

In case you missed it. That is how the gear rolls out now. 4 pieces per month (technically 8 because of your role and DPS). This month it is Waist, Legs, Chest, and Back. (Official Post from Loche

So next month we get the rest of the gear/style? That seems alright I guess. Thank you
next month (Ep16) you will get: Weapon, Helmet, Hands, and Feet
Then in Ep17: Shoulder, Neck, Ring, Face, and Trinket (Official Post from Loche)

Can I poke you about WOTL1 being mandatory and not following the pattern you describe. The gear weight changes that came with GU47 meant that fully modded 86 gear will no longer get you to 99 like it previously did, it's a weird little dip in the stat flattening curve where GU47 left your CR lower. Currently Full 86 gear gets you to 98.89... just shy of the 99 required for AF1. It doesn't effect me due to being legendary, but if you drop the requirement for AF1 solo's to 98 it would continue the pattern you describe and also probably cheer up players that end up stuck at 98 anyway. 113 requirement is still possibly a bit generous for episode 16/17 requirement (and 15 raid tbh), although 124 would have left most players not playing the new content and many alts would probably have been mothballed, so if it's either or.... good call. I think the way previous tiers worked would be better suited though, solo/duo content having lower requirements, alerts and then raids having progressively higher, so players are kinda required to progress and earn their way into raids.
I can take a look, that is strange that it happened there. I know we specifically lowered the Iconic Visions content to 99 so players who bought the Trigon Episode could get into AF1. (Official Post from Loche)

Some1 told me there's no episode requirement for prems to buy it right now, is it true? No one wants to get banned or loose som MoVs.
There is an episode requirement. If that is broken, it needs to be fixed. (Official Post from Loche)

No. If this wasn't an option, people would never even think to say "oh, I don't like the next DLC. I should be able to skip it and continue to progress at the same pace as everyone else". If nothing else, there needs to be something of value, and or advantage, by completing all episodes. More than just weird styles and the feats no one cares about anymore.
This became an issue for two reasons:
1.We have free content up to T4
2.There was a bug that was letting people get T5 gear without buying all the DLCs.
When T6 came out, the min requirement for it was DLC9 vendor CR. The forums exploded. That is when we found out people were exploiting gear from DLC7 without actually owning the DLC. For some reason the majority of the players who were upset seemed to think that we wanted players to buy gear specific to a DLC, even if they didnt own said DLC. So from DLC10 forward, we allowed people to skip. (Official Post from Loche)

And for clarification, this is the last example of full quarterly Episode skipping. From now on, you will have to own at least one Episode in each 3-month window to continue forward. (Official Post from Mepps)

Don't forget to add rest of the Bombshells in legends vendor.
These will release separately. (Official Post from Mepps)

Is there a new vendor, or only gear drops? Also as 114 DPS, I was carried through it from a 124 DPS.. AS much as I loved the Duo.. You might want to rethink the CR.
Look for the new vendor in your headquarters. (Official Post from Mepps)

aaahhh!!! you messed up my whole thing!!! I always get the weapon first! It's like a good luck thing! For every failed raid from this point on, I will put a voodoo whompum curse on your favorite character! And what is your favorite character?
Catman (Official Post from Loche)

Some1 told me there's no episode requirement for prems to buy it right now, is it true? No one wants to get banned or loose som MoVs.
I double checked on live. Premiums cannot purchase the gear until they own the episode (Official Post from Loche)

Theres no episode requirement, but the prices are over 2k(some are over 4k), so premiums cant get them anyway.
We will fix the cash cost for premiums. But the gear will still require the episode to be purchased. (Official Post from Loche)

We are still working on the PSN forum login. (Official Post from Mepps)

It just tells me they are running out of ideas to make us keep playing. The 1 episode a month is ending up biting them in the *** since we getting crap like this.
So Ep15 is out for 2 hours, and it is already biting us in the "***"? I honestly don't know what you are talking about. (Official Post from Loche)

So all we got was a duo and a raid. That's all. Unless I don't know something is this the smallest dlc ever?
The new plan is outlined in detail here on the forums and on the DCUO website. Either way, nothing prevents you from returning every 3 months as you used to and playing all the content you've missed, if that's your thing. (Official Post from Mepps)

The way I see it even if it is a bug this is ridiculous that premium & f2p can go buy 118 by running old content. What benefit does legendary have other than feats and we access to more marks? When soe owned it they didn't have any access hence all the different marks. Bottom line db you better change this or else me and a few other people are going to go premium since there's not a lot of benefit from being legendary. Looks like welfare bums are in full force......
You must own the new Episode to get the new Episode's vendor gear. You can get the Marks needed anywhere relevant to you, however. (Official Post from Mepps)

I have run this 4x 2x with the sale person Other Person got the Feat However I Did Not. I never used any Trinket, or Soder. I even Removed them from my loadout. PLEASE HELP
We are investigating. (Official Post from Mepps)

I mean come on developers. Have you not learned from your 98 gear mistakes. 112 in a raid when 116 is the better gear you get in a duo. In the raid it should be 116 or 120, no 112. 112 Gear should only be dropped in the duo. Please fix this. Also, last boss is glitched. Simply get next to her and bam, if she respawn, raid over. Please fix this too.... The raid was actually fun, so thank you but seeing as I could not finish it, I guess I loss out on some gear there for my toon.
We don't have plans to change the common/trash gear drops. They are there to assist with your off role if needed, or you have several other options. (Official Post from Mepps)

now come on! If you are putting something out that has a higher cr, give it higher stats! the 110 trinket is the same way. I really don't care that my CR is getting higher if my freaking stats stay the same.
I am a bit confused here. The 116s should have higher stats than 112. Are you not seeing that? (Official Post from Loche)

This is an honest-to-goodness education question. Flurry of threads going on right now with the release of episode 15 and the reported difficulty (read: guaranteed failure) of a duo or raid of minimum cr players playing the new content when they are allowed to do so. In other words, the instance says min 113cr but if you go in with all 113cr, it would be impossible. In my mind, this is exactly the same series of conversations that occurred during the Summer Seaonal that allows minimum 10 cr although it's unlikely or impossible a group of lvl 10's could do it on their own. So, maybe all the grief and drama stems from the fact that the players and the Devs do not have a common understanding of the term "minimum cr". In my mind, "minimum cr" means a full group of minimum cr players could participate in the instance with the maximum amount of difficulty but still complete it. In other words, achievable by the lowest common cr. In the case of Corrupted Zamarron with the definition above, two (2) cr113 players should be able to complete the duo. It would be very difficult but achievable. In the case of the Summer Seasonal with Orm/Aquaman, four (4) lvl 10s should be able to complete the event. It would be very difficult but achievable. Would be grateful if we could a Dev to chime in and set the record straight. Is "minimum cr" correctly defined above or does it mean something different to how the Devs have designed the game? Please and thank you
The minimum CR is 113 to allow players in without playing HoPII at all, because at some point someone thought that made sense. The content is not tuned to 113. If you're really great, you can probably get a drop or two at 113. Just because you can get into the content doesn't mean you are guaranteed to be able to complete it or complete it easily. If you're 113, you should probably play HoPII to get up to speed. (Official Post from Mepps)

In theory, shouldn't trash scale up? 116 would be trash to someone seeking 120 in the raid. I agree that it should be 112\116 in alerts to 116/120 in raid. It is to help our off roles but ten they are 8 cr behind your main role at 120. Unattuned gear really ruined gear distribution. I preferred getting ninja'd once in a while to the idea I can leave raid with something useless to my progression. I know marks are there but getting ten marks is not the same as the immediacy of a new weapon or piece of gear after beating a boss.
If that were the case, there'd be little reason to play the Duo at all. The common drop is the common drop. (Official Post from Mepps)

For clarification, your options for trash gear are... 1. Outfitting your alternate role (assuming unattuned gear) 2. Outfitting an alternately modded build e.g. having a might build AND a precision build 3. Salvaging the gear for R&D materials or just going for the salvage feat Are there other options?
We took the time to implement the loot picker to give you more choice. If the gear isn't something you want, you have another option in the picker. (Official Post from Mepps)

Hey all! I've been investigating this issue, and wondered if I could get some more information. Are any of you Earth power type in particular? Whether you're Earth or another power source, are you using pets? Other than the person mentioning they only used one of the Boo trinkets, are any of you using other trinkets? Sorry for the scattershot questions, but I'm trying to eliminate possible reasons for the feat inconsistently failing for people. Any additional information could be beneficial. I apologize for the inconvenience. Cheers! (Official Post from JackFrost)

Why am I getting prestige tokens from T7 content?, I thought that was only for non relevant content.
Are you seeing these in the loot picker, or are you seeing them like you see them in non-relevant content? (Official Post from Mepps)

I thought the remaining three Bombshells Legends would be released today. :( Was looking forward to buying The Catwoman. Mepps/Spytle/Anyone can shed some light on when we might be seeing the remaining three? :D
Next week for the remaining Bombshell Legends. (Original Post from Mepps)

Dlc jumping has a catastrophic effect on the general community
Maybe, maybe not. But, once we're into the monthly episodes the issue will resolve itself. We're transitioning from the old paradigm to the new right now. (Official Post from Mepps)

Entered the duo twice with no super in my loadout, no colas in, and an empty utility belt, but the feat won't pop for me. I've seen it pop for people I was grouped with though.
I believe I've got the issue figured out, and am working on a fix now. The problem is that in order to succeed the feat as it exists right now, you had to be there when the first player entered the instance. If you were the 2nd player to enter the instance (because you pulled the short straw), even if it was a half a second later, you wouldn't be there for a particular hidden event to fire. That said, to fix the issue, I'm going to change the feat a little bit. The change likely won't make the next hotfix (sorry!), but it should make it out soon. When the feat description is updated, you'll know the fix is in! Thanks for reporting the issue, and again, apologies for any frustration or inconvenience. (Official Post from JackFrost)

Hi Mepps, sorry to insist. I'm just wondering if you guys will put the monthly episodes on steam? I remember you once said that you had different plans for their distribution on steam going forward, but you never clarified what those were.
Yes, monthly episodes will appear on Steam. (Official Post from Mepps)

(Not sure if this was posted) The Black Energy Tendrils that drop from the briefings in the Duo can't be replaced after putting it in the wanted spot. It doesn't have a "hit-box" where I can pick it up and move it.
We are looking into this. (Official Post from Mepps)


Server Hotfix - August 6th, 2015 - (Official Thread)

Episode 15
8 Player Operation The Bombshell Paradox
• The bosses in the munitions factory should always be attackable after a reset.

• Episode 15 vendor gear has had its in-game cash cost corrected to $2000.

• Corrupted Zamaron Duo - Replaced the Exobit Cluster with bonus Mark of Victory in the combined Player Choice loot list.
• Fixed an issue with the Bombshell Harley Quinn Hammer Poster that was preventing it from being placed once it was collected.