About Us

Hello, we are the Nerds of the Apocalypse. Our cast may ever be changing but our main Casters are Trexlight, Stevie B, Shadow Link and Preach. Each of us come from a background into the geeky and nerdy, relating in comic books, science fiction, gaming and technology or anything else Shadow allows us to say (which has to include the word "Fallacy"). We are 4 guys that love to talk and decided to bring our opinions and insight to the rest of the interwebs. We hope you enjoy our shows and be sure to find us all over the Social Medias.

Get to Know your Casters:

Stephen "Stevie B" Baxter

My name’s Stephen but most call me Stevie B I have love for Comics, Movies, and Games. I like to consider myself an all around Nerd and Geek. I enjoy all comics, but I’m a Superman Fanboy. I’ve wanted to do the podcast thing for a long time. I have a lot of knowledge and insight that I wanted to get out there to everyone. This is my first podcast. I knew Trex had the know how to put something like this together so I handle the information and he handles the moderating and editing. And we can’t forget of course our Co-Casters Matt (Shadow Link) and Ben (Preach). They bring us great insight and ideas. The show would be the same without them.

Mike "Trexlight" Nelson

Hey everyone, my name is Mike but on the interweb I'm known as Trexlight or just plain Trex. I run a youtube channel giving guides and gameplay of video games. I am also host of another Podcast talking about DC Universe Online, a popular Free to Play MMO. My insight into the World of Nerdy comes from my knowledge of movies and movie making along with being a Marvel Comics fanboy (there's nothing wrong with that). I have been podcasting for a little over a year and Stevie B came to me wanting to do a podcast and wanted my help. Because I can't say no to the big guy, we started going over ideas and he brought Ben (Shadow Link) and Matt (Preach) along for the ride. I am one of the Casters, Moderator, and Editor (moderatoring skills are lacking). I also maintain the website, keeping it fresh and nerdy. If you want to hear more about me, you can find me on Twitter and Facebook.

Ben "Shadow Link" Watkins

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Matthew "Prech" Goff

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