My name is Mike Nelson but you all know me better as Trexlight or just as Trex. This is suppose to be my "About Me" page but I hate talking about myself. My ego is trapped in a cage for a reason, but I'll try this out. I run a Youtube channel that started off covering DC Universe Online but has grown into other games, an awesome Podcast, a great little VLog done by my friends and just some random funny videos. The main purpose of my channel and even myself is to bring entertainment to the masses. I always hope that every video or any project I do delivers knowledge, fun and entertainment.


I've been gaming since the Atari 2600 (which I still own and still works). I don't really have a favorite Genre of games, its just whatever catches my eye. I hate Puzzle games, I'll stress that now. Since 2005 I have found myself involved heavily in Online MMOs starting off with World of Warcraft. My first experience was the Opening of the Gates of AQ all the way to the Cataclysm. After that I moved on into DCUO as my main MMO and have played a few others here and there.


Ok, I'm done talking about me, I'm boring, I know. Excuse me while I drown myself in a box of Cheerios, it's heart healthy.


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